Extreme Heat Effects on Farmworkers

From Yahoo! News:

Effects of extreme heat on farmworkers in the Coachella Valley expose the ‘climate gap’

Nomei Solórzano and her husband are agriculture workers in the Coachella Valley, a rift valley in the Colorado Desert, east of Los Angeles. Solórzano’s husband immigrated to the United States from El Salvador as a teenager, and she decided to leave Mexico to follow her father’s footsteps to work the fields in California. Both work from sunrise to sunset, barely scraping by, while raising three children.

In recent years, Solórzano told Yahoo News, the “American dream” she and her husband have worked hard for was starting to come with a heavy price. As both already work in dangerous conditions such as extreme heat, the record-breaking heat waves the region is experiencing have made the working conditions much more difficult.