FIELD Corpsmembers Share Their Stories with Sacramento Legislators

In April, FIELD sent a delegation of corpsmembers and staff to Sacramento for Government Education Day. There, they joined together with corpsmembers from across the state to talk to elected officials about the important conservation work they do, how the program has positively impacted their lives, and ensure ongoing funding vital to its mission.

FIELD is one of 14 state-certified community conservations corps which are part of the California Association of Local Conservation Corps (CALCC). For more than 30 years, the organization’s mission has been to strengthen collaboration between its members, share stories, and champion policies that help young people and their communities thrive.

“This year, the corps delegation was advocating for a climate bond in the 2024/25 state budget,” said FIELD corp director David Weaver..

Hearing the stories in person is impactful for elected officials, who learn about who the corps serves, and what career path or personal trajectory corpsmembers see themselves on, Weaver noted. Most importantly, legislators also learn and what kind of things they can do to help, particularly ongoing funding.