FIELD President Takes Research Sabbatical; New Chief Announced 

Apr. 22, 2024 – FIELD is happy to announce that Chief Executive Officer David Villarino is taking a six-month research sabbatical to help the organization realize its mission. The sabbatical will take effect immediately. 

“After 24 years of steadfast devotion as FIELD’s Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Directors has approved my request for a much-needed six-month sabbatical,” Villarino said. “This sabbatical is effective as of Monday, April 22, 2024. During my sabbatical I look forward to focusing my efforts on research relative to co-ops and other exciting ideas for FIELD/EPIC as well as furthering my knowledge-base.” 

FIELD is also pleased to announce that Nora Dominguez, Ph.D. has been promoted to FIELD’s Chief Operating Officer position. 

“Filling this position was long overdue and FIELD is lucky to have Nora step into a very critical role,” Villarino noted. “During my sabbatical, Nora will be in charge of day-to-day operations and will report directly to the Board of Directors. She has my unwavering trust and confidence to handle the business of FIELD/EPIC.” 

“I take on the responsibility of guiding FIELD/EPIC through this transition with great excitement and the commitment to carrying on the vision of Cesar Chavez for our organization and the students we serve,” added Dominguez. 

 Villarino and Dominguez are traveling to Spain to tour the world-famous Mondragon region which features worker co-operatives. There they will gain first-hand knowledge of employee-owned co-operatives so that FIELD can gain a greater understanding of how it can implement similar initiatives of its own. 

Stay tuned for more on worker co-op models from Europe.