Introducing FIELD’s Cooperative Program

To kick off the new year, FIELD’s Cooperative Program team has some exciting program advancements to share! With the support of the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation and the Blue Shield of California Foundation, the Cooperative Program team has embarked on the program’s strategic planning process with the participation of FIELD partners and staff from different departments. This process is crucial for identifying the program’s 3-year vision, mission, strategy, and program objectives. These sessions will leave FIELD better positioned to define its cooperative development model in light of its programmatic vision and objectives. 

The Cooperative Program has also advanced in the implementation of its research and engagement activities. After reviewing publications and interviewing nearly 30 cooperative development experts, the team has identified 13 key findings that will guide the design of the cooperative program. The team also looks forward to continuing engagement with FIELD program participants and staff. An online survey in English and Spanish was sent out to program participants in March to gather feedback on our Cooperative Program planning. We are also providing opportunities for FIELD staff to participate in focus groups

The Cooperative Program also hosted its Cesar Chavez Cooperative Hybrid Symposium which was held on May 5th and 6th, 2022. During the hybrid symposium, FIELD program participants and staff will had the opportunity to learn more about the worker cooperative experience from worker-owner guest speakers.