Graduations, Inspiration, Triumphs and More!

We’re off to a busy summer at FIELD starting with 150 graduates taking the stage last month in Bakersfield and some of our surrounding campuses. It’s always so inspiring to hear the stories of resilience and hope that our graduates and their families share at these celebrations. One graduate who spoke talked about her seven children and how she had to work low wage jobs to support them. Now she has a path to create wealth for her and her children. Read more of our stories below. 

Many of our students have had to overcome so many hardships to achieve their goals– not just to receive their diplomas but also to find pathways to building and owning their own cooperative businesses as a way to grab their piece of the American Dream.  

I’m also excited to announce that we are expanding our Career Technical Education program to outlying areas so we can serve more and more students. We are procuring additional facilities, making improvements and expanding our footprint in Paso Robles, Woodland and Palmdale. This will allow us to serve more people in these areas through the use of mobile facilities. 

A big part of that expansion will come from a new partnership we just signed with the Kern County Fire Department that will allow our students to train to become firefighters. We also have a new Fire and Fuel Reduction cooperative agreement with the Federal Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, US Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife to help maintain emergency response and restore thousands of acres destroyed in the recent fires and floods.   

In the next several months we will also be expanding our Childcare Training Centers from Tehachapi, Yuba City and Bakersfield to other outlying cities. And speaking of education,  we are excited to share that we have plans to expand our dual enrollment through the community college system, for both high school diplomas and AA college degrees.  

But we’re not sitting on our laurels. We’re using the summer months to expand even more of our student services, plus add a fleet of vans to help ferry our students who don’t have easy access to transportation back and forth to our schools. Together we are stronger.  

Si, Se Puede!  

David Villarino Gonzalez 
President/CEO FIELD